Second Life's Innovative Vending & HUD System

Simple. Intuitive. Fast.


Click here to get a copy of the Seraphim HUD.

Networked Vendors

Single script, simple to set up vendors with gifting, demos and redelivery. Change the item, price or set up a sale remotely from our website.

Global Hud

Connect your brand to all users immediately with a single click to include items in the Global Hud Shopping Portal.

Sales Events

Set up sales events in seconds. Put a specific item on sale, a category of items or a whole sim. Set a start and end time for the sale event. Hold a sale in the hud or in world in seconds.


You can use the system FREE with a small commission or subscribe for more options at an affordable rate.


Complete records of all sales, redeliveries and gifts. Summary charts make it easy to see the trends of your products.

Remote Access

From the CatTech web portal you can resend items, change items sold in vendors, change prices, activate sales events and access full data of all transactions.


Subscribed accounts can assign staff/CSR with permissions you can set to help customers, view data or run your whole shop.


Automatic delivery notification of sales to your custom url in the style of SL Marketplace as well as hooks in the item server script for developers to use sales records in your in-world custom scripts.